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Every pregnancy should be a wanted pregnancy and therefore it should be a planned pregnancy. It is imperative then to ensure use of a contraceptive that suits the need of the couple. In present times there is a wide range of options available in the basket of contraceptives. There are temporary methods i.e. reversible and permanent methods i.e. irreversible. Permanent methods are used when child bearing is no longer desired. Tubal sterilization and vasectomy are the choices available.

Amongst the temporary methods the choices vary on various factors. Barrier methods such as male and female condoms are popular. The male condom is widely promoted not only to prevent pregnancy but also to prevent STD and HIV. It is the single contraceptive that serves this dual purpose.

The combined oral contraceptive pills (COCP) have been around for decades and they have undergone numerous developments. From standard dose pills we have moved to the ultra low dose pills, which have minimal or negligible side effects. The COCP have many benefits over and above providing contraception.

They are Changes in menstrual cycle

(Decrease in pain during periods, Decrease in quantity of bleeding, regular cycle, decrease in iron loss in periods) Benefits in the management of PCOS such as reduction in acne and hirsutism, and regularization of periods