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Fibroids are one of the commonest benign i.e. non cancerous tumors of the uterus.They are whorls of smooth muscle tissue that can be very variable in size (few millimeters to more than 20 cms), in position (sub mucous, intramural, or sub serous), and in number (one or two to multiples of ten). Fibroids usually grow during the reproductive years and they tend to shrink after menopause.Fibroids are very variable in presentation. They may not cause any symptoms. They may cause symptoms on the basis of their location, size, and number.

Fibroids may cause very heavy bleeding during periods and sometimes even before and after the periods. They may be associated with very painful periods. Sometimes they may be implicated in infertility. If they are large enough to give pressure symptoms then one can have frequency of urine and / or constipation. If they are large enough then they may present as a mass felt by the women through her lower abdomen. Fibroids can be diagnosed on clinical examination of the pelvis. They can be further confirmed by ultrasonography. MRI can be done in special situations.

Treatment of fibroids will depend on various factors such as :
  • Symptoms that are present
  • Age of the patient
  • Location of fibroids
  • Desire for child bearing