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The teenage years are a very special phase. Young girls are curious to understand their changing bodies. They have many questions and are seeking answers. These answers go a long way in building her confidence and a positive attitude towards the physical change that she will experience.


In our teenage counseling program by Dr.Pallavi Daga Who is one of the Best Gynaecologist In Kolkata, we conduct an informative counseling session in an open-friendly atmosphere. The young girl is informed about the normal body anatomy, physiology and the menstrual hygiene. Healthy habits regarding diet & exercise are promoted. Young girls have many misconceptions and myths regarding menstruation. Some of the common ones are questions like why one cannot go to the temple during periods and why should one not swim during periods? We address these whilst respecting the social/religious sentiments. Puberty & menarche are important milestones in a girl’s life. It is now the time to prepare her for womanhood. Sexual education is important subject and needs to be handled well, Dr.Pallavi Daga Who is one of the Best Teenage Consultant in Kolkata, as well as Best Gynaecologist surgeon In Kolkata can give you Professional expertise is valuable in addition to the role of parents, teachers & peer educators. In our counseling sessions we provide information on various issues such as how one gets pregnant, how to prevent pregnancy, what are sexually transmitted infections, and safe sex.

Mental health interventions for children (also known as child psychotherapy) vary with respect to the problem being addressed and to the age and other individual characteristics of the child. Although such interventions share some approaches, treatment methods done by Best lady Gynaecologist In Kolkata, can be quite different from each other.

The safe sex is no sex, according to most health care providers. Abstinence may be the only true form of "safe" sex, as all forms of sexual contact carry some risk. However, certain precautions and safe behaviors can minimize a person's risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. As a parent, you can teach your child about safer sex before he/she becomes sexually active. Talking to your teen about safe sex. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that parents start talking to children about sex when they first ask where babies come from, usually between the ages of 3 and 4. Although many adolescents may say they know everything about sex, studies have found that many adolescents are not completely informed about sex and sexually transmitted diseases.

Basic Counseling Skills for Working With Teens

Working with teens has its own unique set of challenges and often times as providers we’re relegated to positions of listener, mentor, and guide, regardless of whether or not we’re actual therapists or counselors. Dr.Pallavi Daga build authentic relationships with their pataint and in turn their pataints feel more comfortable talking to them about their problems rather than the other therapist.

How do You know if your teenager needs counselling?

Any parent of a teenager knows, they have a lot of emotional ups and downs. What with the pressures of school, their social lives and the general confusion that comes with growing up, it is no wonder they occasionally get a little overwhelmed. Most of the time, all they really need is the time and attention of their parents. But sometimes, problems come along that are a little more difficult to deal with, such as major life changes, prolonged mental stress, or tricky family issues. It’s at times like these that counselling services can be a great help.

In what kind of circumstances might my teen benefit from counselling?

Counselling can help with a whole range of issues, but some of the most common include:

Divorce and separation:

Have you and your partner split up recently? Teenagers often struggle when it comes to significant life changes and separation or divorce can trigger a whole range of emotions: sadness, anger, fear, regret – or even guilt.


Has a member of the family died recently – or even within the past few years? If your son or daughter was particularly close to that person, they may benefit from having someone to help them process their feelings.


Bullying can be particularly damaging because it so often goes unnoticed. If you think your son or daughter is being bullied, try to talk to them about it - and contact their school.Counselling can be an effective way of helping them re-build their self-esteem and resilience following problems with bullying.

Stress at school:

Just recently, thousands of students have faced the pressures of exams and are now waiting for results. Many struggle to deal with this – and worry about the consequences of not doing well.

Family issues:

Often, what your teen is going through may relate to what’s happening with the family as a whole. In these cases, Family Counselling can be a good option.